Working through the pain is like taking out a mortgage on the future.  It hurts when you have to pay it off.


Live Injury Free is a mission - to get people to perform at their peak ability throughout their life.  

We all get injured at some point, just as we all fall or get scraped, but with the right training, preparation, discipline, determination and a little common sense, we can keep our balance and recover more quickly.


All videos posted here are responses to questions from people who follow us or attend our symposia.  If you have an interest that is not listed in the tags, please fill out the form and we will respond will additional information and a future video.

TRIARQ Symposium

TRIARQ Symposium

Active Lifestyle

Active Lifestyle


Discover how TRIARQ members put this mission into practice, developing and implementing education and training programs that cross disciplines and focus on the patient.

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Take Action

See how you can take steps to free yourself from repetitive injuries, from stress to fractures, through prevention, performance and rehabilitation.

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